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Sound Familiar?

When you took your business online, you imagined a loyal and dedicated client base from your hard work on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You’d get your first few clients then word-of-mouth would snowball.

What you didn’t realise is just how much time and effort it would take, and often for little reward. You’ve spent time and/or money crafting content, engaging your audience, telling them about your business, all without trying to come across as just another sleazy sales pitch.

When leads do come through, they’re not always ones you really want to work with but hey, you gotta keep the lights on right?

Why can’t they all be like that amazing client you once had that appreciates your true value, raves about your service, and doesn’t waste your time? If only you could work with people like that all the time.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

What If...

  • What if your website consistently bought you more clients – Every single day?
  • What if it could filter out tyre-kickers and the ones you don’t want to work with?
  • What if you could keep your leads warm and build trust with regular and engaging content that they actually want to receive – All on autopilot?
  • What if you could make sure that YOU are their first thought when they’re ready to buy?

Common problems

The website design and marketing industry isn’t always seen in the best light. It’s sad to see but sometimes dreams are promised and later shattered.

2 Things We’re Always Sad To see…

  1. Companies selling websites for quick profits with no care for what the client actually needs. Some just feel as long as it looks nice and the client likes it then the job is done, even though it might cause that business to fail. Clients invest in their website so they can grow their business. If we (as an industry) don’t provide a service that facilitates this then we’ve failed.
  2. Companies selling SEO/PPC and other traffic generating services without making sure that the website is properly optimised to benefit from it. It’s literally throwing money away! 

John Reimann

Founder & Website Strategist

How Is Our Approach Different?

We genuinely care about the success of your project. You’ll see this right from the beginning. we’ll ask way more questions than you might expect. Some of them may even be a little awkward but I promise it’s worth it!

We also understand how much better a business can be when your clients appreciate your true value and respect your boundaries. That’s why we’ll help you put systems in place to filter out unwanted clients.

We run a discovery session with you (before we even work together) to help us both discover exactly what you need and why. I’ll also tell you upfront – This is a paid session. But, it’s deducted from your project fee if we work together. If we’re not a good fit and you work with somebody else, then it’s all presented in a way that lets you take it to any company of your choosing so you can still get the results you need.

Our job doesn’t stop when your website is built. We work with our clients on a long-term basis. We create an individual care plan based on your needs and your goals. This makes sure that your website is always serving your business as well as it possibly can and that it strives for continual improvement. – The Story…

I started building websites in 2006. They weren’t for clients, they were personal projects designed to generate an extra income from advertisements. They weren’t great websites but they provide a 2nd income while I was busy at work. They also provided that spark, inspiration and sowed the seeds of knowledge that would become so useful later on.

From an early age, I wanted to run my own business. In 2013 I got that opportunity in the form of voluntary redundancy. I took that money and invested in all the equipment I needed to print personalised products (my job was in the print industry). It took a long time and many mistakes but after a few years, I had a great business that was beginning to flourish.

For 5 years I built and ran 2 websites that enabled customers to design and order their own personalised products.  I wasn’t just the web designer, I dealt with everything from marketing to customer support and even production. I learned first-hand what it takes to grow a business online.

In 2017 I became very ill and had to give up my business.  As awful as all that was, it paved the way for something even better. Something that would excite me every day. Something I’m passionate about! 

Once I was well enough (2018), A friend asked me to help them get their new business online. Why not, I figured my experience qualified me. So, I worked with them to produce and market their website (It’s going great and I still work with them now). I realised just how much I loved the entire process and I knew right then that this was my new chapter. We started by offering just web design services but in late 2020 we re-launched with a more complete offering including SEO, CRO and Lead Generation Systems. It’s a truly amazing feeling to know that you’ve played a part in somebody else’s success when they’ve worked so hard to make it happen. 

It’s for all these reasons that I won’t make false promises, and I won’t even offer to work with you if I don’t think we can help. Part of being able to deliver means I don’t work on every project I’m offered.

As you’ve read this far, I want to thank you for taking the time to discover why I do what I do. I’m guessing it means you’re serious about finding the right person/company for your project. If so, you probably have a few questions.

I’m sure I’ve answered at least some of them on my FAQ page so please do take a look: Click here for our FAQs.

Also, you’ll find a heap of useful advice on our blog that you can implement and start using in your business today.

Finally, whether you’re looking for a new website or to up your marketing game, We have a great introduction that’s totally free and full of valuable information that I’m confident will help grow your business – Even if we never work together!

To Your Success,
– John Reimann

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