How to Write Press Releases for Media Coverage

Press releases can be a powerful tool for both content marketing and for SEO. But in order to maximise the impact your press release has (and the likelihood of it gaining more exposure), you’ll need to structure it carefully and craft the content in a way that journalist prefer. In this article, we’ll ook at […]

Content Marketing 101 – Highly Effective Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing 101, here we go. So first step, identify your target market, it goes without saying, that if we don’t know who we’re here to serve, then we can’t actually serve anybody particularly well. So we have to work out exactly who our target market is and then figure out where they hang out. […]

Digital Content Marketing – The Missing Link

Digital Content Marketing - The Missing Link

What’s wrong with the picture above? No prizes for this one I’m afraid. The answer is of course noise. In that one shot, I managed to count around 40 advertisements in one form or another (excluding our own logo of course).  It’s not hard to see that snapshot of a busy American street, and view […]

How To Drive More Local Traffic With Your Content

local content marketing

Need Traffic from your local area? If you have a business that serves the local community then you will no doubt have an interest in driving people to your website that are within your area. They are far more likely to be interested in your products and/or services and therefore considered valuable targeted traffic. One […]