How To Drive More Local Traffic With Your Content

local content marketing

Need Traffic from your local area? If you have a business that serves the local community then you will no doubt have an interest in driving people to your website that are within your area. They are far more likely to be interested in your products and/or services and therefore considered valuable targeted traffic. One […]

Google Gives Local Business A CRO Advantage

Google My Business map marker

Since June 2014 Google has given businesses serving their local community a way of reaching customers that doesn’t involve competing with the entire country. It’s become more sophisticated over time and it’s still evolving now but ‘Google My Business’ is now big business and specific Google My Business SEO strategies have been developed to take […]

Is GMB SPAM Losing You Customers?

Google maps spam

Google My Business can be a major lifeline to all kinds of businesses serving their local community. With localised search results you can get to the top of Google (in the maps listing section) and show your products/services to those most likely to want them. Unless you’re very lucky you will still need to apply […]

How To Stay Exciting and Authentic in Business

Fresh - Exciting - Authentic (fish sign)

When marketing our business online it’s easy to get lost in a sea of data and forget that there are real people behind those statistics. Let’s take some time out to look at you can keep your customers and prospects coming back for more. An important step of the customer journey is about building trust. […]

SEO – How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

SEO effieciency

Is SEO A Grind? Here are some great tweaks and best practices to make your SEO efforts create a bigger & better impact. Tweak Your OnPage.., The SEO arena is always changing. Although many core principles remain the same we still have to adapt with technology and the latest search engines updates. If you can […]

Small Business Local Marketing – Guide To Guaranteed Success

Motivational image - a guide to small business marketing success

Grab a coffee and turn off any distractions! If you give me your undivided attention, I promise to make it worth your while. In this article you’ll discover exactly what’s needed to guarantee small business marketing success online in 2019. This particular article is geared towards small business marketing in the U.K but if you’re […]

On Page SEO Checklist

Onpage SEO Checklist - WDM

ONPAGE SEO CHECKLIST If you’re reading this page and then you probably managing your own SEO (at least to some degree). That’s great, but in a world that changes so rapidly how do you make sure that your efforts are spent on the right activities? In this article I’m giving you my Onpage SEO Checklist. […]

4 Techniques To Improve Website Conversions by up to 50%

Improve On Page Conversion Rates

If you were to ask business/website owners what they need most help with for their website/online business, you can virtually guarantee that 80% would say “driving traffic”. I’d predict that less than 5% would ask how to improve website conversions. That says a great deal about our general thought process when it comes to driving […]

Google maps SEO tips

WDM Location Map Marker (map in hand)

How To Get On Top Many of my friends have their own small businesses. As someone who is keen on supporting small businesses and buying local, it seems fitting that this post should be the one to really kick-off the new WDM blog. I want to talk about Google Maps SEO. It really is a […]