How Much Does a Website Cost in 2019?

How much should your website cost? Let’s break it all down and take the mystery out of a website pricing. When a web designer talks to a new client, pricing is one of the first questions they have. Most, genuinely have no idea what a website can cost and that actually makes perfect sense when […]

Easter Opening Hours

Happy Easter From WDM Suffolk

Today’s post is a short one. Here in sunny Suffolk (and across England and many other parts of the world) it’s the last day before a long weekend as we celebrate Easter. Today is about bringing all projects to a comfortable resting point before we take a short break from work for a few days. […]

What is SSL?

What is SSL

What is SSL? Why Do You Need It? What is SSL? It’s been around for years and it stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In short, SSL creates a safe connection for sharing information online. On the front-end/visual side of things it has the following benefits. It gives you that little green padlock in the address […]

What is CDN?

What is CDN 2

What is CDN? What is CDN? It Stands for Content Delivery Network. Still none-the-wiser? No worries. Read on and you’ll be a pro’ in minutes. CDN’s have 1 purpose. They are there to make surfing the web faster. You no doubt use them every day without even realising, whether you’re watching Youtube, shopping on Amazon, […]