How To Create Your Ideal Client Avatar

Makeup Artist applies ye shadows to a beautiful woman in Avatar style

Attract Your Perfect Clients With a Specific and detailed Client Avatar. As you’ve found this page, you probably have some idea of what client avatars are, but let’s dig a little deeper and look at how to use them in the right way to access your ideal clients. What is a client avatar? Simply put, […]

Professional Website Designer

Professional Website Designer

As you’ve made it this far you’ve probably decided that you need a professional website designer to create your amazing new website (or redesign your existing site). But, if you’re still in the research phase you may be considering a self-builder (such as Wix). Platforms like this, that enable you to create a website yourself […]

How To Make An Online eCommerce Store with WordPress (Part 2)

How to Buile an Online E Commerce Store (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a video from WPCrafter that takes you by the hand and shows you how to build your own E-commerce store online. We’ve split it up into handy bite-size pieces. In this post, we’ll be looking at web hosting, privacy, and security. We’ll also get WordPress installed. So at this […]

How To Make An Online eCommerce Store with WordPress (Part 1)

How To Build an Ecommerce store (Part 1)

This post is in the form of a video from WPCrafter. It’s a non-tech tutorial that shows you how to create an E-commerce website using WordPress. It’s pretty involved so we’re going to take it in bite-size chunks. Here’s part 1… In this extended video tutorial we are going to build this beautiful, stunning, […]

Website Design and Development Process

Suffolk Website Design and Development

Thinking Of Getting A New Website? Are you thinking about having your first website made for your brand new venture? Maybe you just need a new and better one than you already have? Whichever the case, you should know some basic principals of the web design and development process. Don’t worry, this guide is intentionally […]

Conversion Rate Optimisation – 8 Tips for CRO Success

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

Do you want your website to convert more traffic into leads, sales, and customers? You work so hard to get visitors to your site, but are you ensuring they take action once they arrive? Just a small increase in CRO% could have a huge impact on your business. I’m a Suffolk-based web designer and digital […]

Bespoke Website Design Services

Bespoke Website Design Services

At WDM We pride ourselves on creating completely bespoke websites. However, we also provide package deals that utilise templates. Why? Because a bespoke website isn’t right for everyone. Let’s take a look at the difference. A bespoke website is one that’s been designed and built from scratch so you get 100% of what you want […]

How Much Does Professional Website Design Cost in the UK?

Professional website design costs

How much does it cost to have a website designed in the UK? In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at just what it takes to build and maintain a professional website. We’ll look at the following: Buying (and renewing) a domain name Comparing Web Design Quotes DIY Websites Benefits of Professional Website Design […]

Incorporating Accessibility into Web Design

web design accessibility

Is your website friendly to users with a disability? You may have a fast website with the best content but it’s all for nothing if people can’t actually use it. Today, we’re talking about the state of accessibility. Is your website design friendly to users with disabilities? Explanation of website accessibility Accessibility is more important […]

How Much Does a Website Cost in 2020?

Time, Cost, Quality

How much should your website cost? Let’s break it all down and take the mystery out of a website pricing. When a web designer talks to a new client, pricing is one of the first questions they have. Most, genuinely have no idea what a website can cost and that actually makes perfect sense when […]

What is a CDN – Do you need it in 2020?

What Is A CDN?

What is CDN? It Stands for Content Delivery Network. Still none-the-wiser? No worries. Read on and you’ll be a pro’ in minutes.

CDN’s have 1 purpose. They are there to make surfing the web faster. You no doubt use them every day without even realising, whether you’re watching Youtube, shopping on Amazon, reading online news or browsing social media.

6 Golden Rules For Hiring A Web Designer

Guide to hiring a web designer

Check out our video guide to hiring your website designer Prefer to read this at your own leisure? This video is also available as a written guide right on the WDM blog. Click here to view