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What makes a truly successful marketing campaign?

It's not just about traffic

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But I need more traffic right?

Targeted traffic is important. It’s the life-blood of a profitable website. But if your website isn’t making the most of that traffic then you’re wasting time, effort, and money. It could easily be the difference between a failed or succesful campaign.

We can help you generate targeted traffic using SEO, content marketing and PPC campaigns, but this traffic should be part of an overall plan.

It’s not very often you can drive traffic to your website or sales page and simply wait for the cash to roll in or the phone to ring.

You need to know exactly what your visitors want and how to show them that you are their best solution!

The Power Of Optimisation

Typical Small Business

Average Website

This example shows the stats of an average local business in the U.K. These stats will of course vary across different industries and differ if you serve a larger customer base.

*Stat’s used are from

Bounce rate = 60%
Leave the page with no interaction
Average Time on website
96 Seconds
Real Website Visitors
Less than 500 p/m
No. Pages visited Per session
2.17 pages

Same Businesss after optimisation

Optimised Website

Here’s an average representation of how those stats might improve with some good optimisation and the right marketing systems in place.

*Note: These are visual representations of how we feel a good marketing campaign can improve the average business. As above, results do vary across different industries.

Bounce rate (leave page with no action)
Average Time on website
3-5 minutes
Real Website Visitors
No. Pages visited Per session (more isn't always better here!)
2-5 pages

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Marketing Strategy

What’s right for one business may not be right for another. We’ll talk to you in plain English then look at your overall goals and see how they can best be achieved within your available budget (and any other metrics relevant to you).

One of our favourite systems to implement is a Lead Generation System. Each one is completely unique but follows a tried and tested process.

It can be so effective (particularly for service-based businesses) and integrates perfectly with most traffic generation strategies including SEO, PPC, Content and SMM. Want to know more?

Download this FREE guide and see if it’s right for you.

SEO Services

Targeted traffic from search engines + More...

If you’ve researched any SEO services before reaching this page, you’ve probably noticed that they’re almost always focussed on just ranking your website for relevant keywords.

Whilst this is of course a worthy goal and vitally important, it could also hinder your progress and reduce your ROI if it’s the only thing your SEO campaign focusses on!

At WDM we also focus on ranking social and video properties in Google (and other search engines). This  provides multiple opportunities and can help your campaign target more competitive keywords.

You may already know that SEO campaigns often take months before results are seen. with our quick win initiative we’ll start by targeting ‘long-tail’ relevant keywords that you can rank for very early on (often within just a few days!). This method not only shows you results but also builds and strengthens your campaign in readiness for more competitive keywords.

Most SEO Campaigns

A standard campaign usually consists of some or all of the following tasks. Local campaigns should also include ‘Google My Business’ optimisation.

Our SEO Campaigns

WDM campaigns start in a similar same way but build authority and additional rankings by utilising popular social sites such as YouTube and Twitter.

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