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LinkedIn is the most professional of social networks out there. If you’re within the B2B industry, it is, without a doubt, the best social community in the market. Why? Because it’s full of potential leads for your business. In this article we’ll look at how to crate a good LinkedIn profile and a marketing strategy that works to source leads for you.

One of the first (and easiest) things you can do is to share your existing content on LinkedIn. If you have a blog, share some of your blog posts. If you have old content you can also re-purpose this to create Linkedin posts and/or add them to your profile. Just grab an excerpt (the first few lines) from each post or article and paste it on LinkedIn with a link back to the full article on your website. This will help to drive potential business from LinkedIn directly to your site. The more targeted traffic like this you can get, the more leads you can generate.

The next thing that you need to do is make sure that you completely fill out your LinkedIn profile. You need to include the standard CV type information such as where you’ve worked and what you do now. Be specific and gear each experience towards the type of client/customer you are trying to attract. Once people know what you’re doing (in a relateable way), and they’re interested in your products or services, they’re far more likely to get in touch. If you keep your skill set vague, this will likely be a turn-off and drive people in the opposite direction.

This next one is a paid feature. It’s called LinkedIn InMail and it allows you to contact other LinkedIn members, including people that you’re not even connected with. This one simple feature offers you the potential to generate highly targeted leads. If you look at the majority B2B companies, you’ll find that a large percentage of their leads and sales (from outbound marketing), is done via LinkedIn InMail. Although it’s a paid feature, it could offer a massive ROI if you utilise it properly.

This next tip may take a little work but it’s a definite must. Once you’ve listed all your skills, you need to get endorsements and recommendations. When people (especially professionals) endorse a skill or recommend you, that’s an instant sign of trust. Without trust, you’ll never succeed so don’t underestimate how important this step is.

The last tip is kind of hidden (and not available to everyone). In fact, you may have never heard of it. It’s called LinkedIn AutoFill.

You may need to contact LinkedIn and apply for it. So what is it?

Well, when you have lead forms on your website (our project enquiry form is a great example), and you’re asking people for their name, email, company address, company size, telephone number, etc, that’s a lot of information. People get fed-up of filling this in and it could negatively affect your conversion rates (lose you leads). But, if someone’s logged into LinkedIn, and they’re on your website, they can just click a LinkedIn AutoFill button, and it will automatically fill out all that information for your visitor. It’s an easy way to boost conversions and get more leads by simplifying and reduce the steps required by the end-user.

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