A selection of website projects

Jenna Cottage


Jenna Cottage is highly regarded in her field and has worked at prestigious locations including London’s Covent Garden. Jenna felt her previous website didn’t reflect the quality of her services.

Her new website is a bespoke build. Each section has been carefully crafted to engage visitors, retain, and convert. We worked closely with Jenna and stuck to our web design process to achieve this.

One example of our process in action is the added functionality of a fully functional calendar booking system.

Previously, potential clients would have to call after ordering online to make a booking. Aside from increasing Jenna’s workload, this was an unnecessary step required by the client which (we felt) needed to be removed.

As a result of this, Jenna now has complete control of her diary via her website. Her appointments are managed with complete automation, yet she can still add manual bookings to her calendar.

As part of our CRO process, we also looked at how traffic would flow through the site. We found some instances where the natural flow was segmented. The new design carefully guides the customer to their required service without interruption.

To complete this build we provided a custom admin dashboard complete with video training. This is, of course, backed up with continual support, website maintenance, and excellent hosting.


Pets Held Dear website portfolio


Pets Held Dear

As a pet bereavement site, Pets Held Dear needed to set a tone that was calm and caring. The aim is for the visitor to feel secure.

It’s an E-commerce site but with a difference. There are only 2 products on sale (both pet memorial slates). BUT each product has an array of choices available.

Some are preset like background images and poem selection. Other are user-generated (such as the pets name and memorial dates).

Pets Held Dear Designer portfolio

Our custom built interface allows the customer to design their memorial in a simple and user-friendly visual editor.  


The next unique feature of this site is a fantastic lead generation tool. We’ve provided an option for visitors to create their own ‘virtual’ pet memorial.

They have their own page on the website which can include pictures, messages and even video. But the best part is…

The next unique feature of this site is a fantastic lead generation tool. We’ve provided an option for visitors to create their own ‘virtual’ pet memorial.

Wise Coffee Company

The Wise Coffee Company knew they needed an E-commerce website.

They had some ideas about how it should look and had researched their competitors. In our consultation, it quickly became clear that they had a great deal of knowledge about their amazing products and their business.

They would require a website that would demonstrate their passion and love of coffee.

Ordering needed to be a simple process. Customers should be able to purchase their favourite blends in bean or ground form. BUT – Not all visitors knew which blend would be right for them so we needed a way for them to refine their choice (or risk losing their business).

The solution was a simple refining option.

Those who are unsure can narrow their selection best on scores of acidity, roast, and strength.

To simplify the checkout process as much as possible we also installed an Apple Pay option. This allows customers with an iPhone or iPad to make a purchase with just their fingerprint!

They now have a site that makes the right impact, is simple, refined, and easy to navigate. You’ll also find Wise Coffee in and around Suffolk in many artisan shops including farm shops, butchers, cafes and of course farmers markets.


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