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Our websites are built in 5 steps

What's your why?

1 - Project Discovery

Our carefully structured process all starts with a Discovery Session. This is usually a virtual meeting that can be carried out over a video call (or telephone if preferred).  Workplace visits can also be arranged.

The Discovery Session is designed to go through your plan and learn more about your website requirements so we can create a system that’s designed to attract your ideal clients. We ask a lot of questions, which is important because it helps us to understand you clearly and for us both to think about your goals in more detail.

The most important question that you can ask yourself is “why?”.

In our Discovery Meeting, you’ll hear it a lot, because it helps you to think deeply about your requirements and how they work for your target audience.

It’s good to remember that whilst a website is created for your business, it’s actually more for your visitors/clients. If they don’t resonate with the website and your message, then you won’t generate revenue or succeed in your goals. We’ll often work with client avatars to achieve this (find out more here).

At the end of our meeting, we’ll take all of the notes we’ve made during the discovery session and turn this into a complete project brief document. This provides a solid foundation for your project build. This deeper understanding allows us to create a website and marketing strategy that succeeds!

Please note: This is a paid consultation but the cost is deducted from the project if you work with us. If not, you’ll have a complete project brief to share with your chosen design company.

Your website structure

2 - Site Map

Once we have all the information from your project discovery, we’ll build a visual sitemap. This allows us to quickly make sure that we’re all on the same page from the very beginning. It’s a simple representation of what we’re trying to communicate and shows the best way to clearly structure the information on display. Here’s an example of a sitemap.

Interactive wireframing

3 - Prototype

We hate seeing eyes glaze over when jargon and technicalities kick in. So, instead of trying to explain what we intend to build and hoping it makes sense, We’ll build an interactive prototype in the browser to show you how our solution will work. There won’t be any attention to design at this stage as that comes later so it won’t look pretty, but it will allow you to interact with (what will become) your website and see how it will function. 

It's creation time

4 - Design

This is where the fun begins. We now get to play with colours and designs that synchronise with your brand and bring your interactive prototype to life! 

Go Live!

5 - Delivery

Once the design is agreed it’s time for us to go away for a short time and get everything plugged in and tested. We’ll look for problems and iron out the kinks.

Once it’s fully tested and everything is running smoothly we’ll hit the magic button and get your site online so you can show it off to the world.

oh, did we mention...

Complete Video Training Manuals!

It’s no good having an awesome new website if you don’t know how to use it. Email support is fine but wouldn’t it be great to have walkthrough videos that guide you through everyday tasks?

We’ll put your video training manuals right in your website dashboard so they’re accessible to you and any staff that need them. No waiting around for help!

The best websites are more than beautiful.

Your website should attract and engage visitors, generate the right leads and improve sales.

Let’s create a powerful site that separates your brand from its competitors and delivers results!

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