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At WDM We pride ourselves on creating completely bespoke websites. However, we also provide package deals that utilise templates. Why?

Because a bespoke website isn’t right for everyone. Let’s take a look at the difference.

A bespoke website is one that’s been designed and built from scratch so you get 100% of what you want without any constraints, as opposed to a pre-built template that anyone can buy off the shelf. It’s the equivalent of hiring a carpenter to create wardrobes that fit the exact dimensions of your bedroom as opposed to buying some from Ikea. This means that you do have to work with a professional if you want a bespoke site; it’s not one where you can do it yourself.

Bespoke websites give you a unique, one of a kind design and – providing your designer knows their stuff (I promise we do) – a higher quality finish. They’re great when you need fine control over how everything looks or some specific functionality that you can’t just buy off the shelf, and also for sites with lots of pages and information where you really need to manage your content as time-efficiently as possible.

This may sound ideal but because bespoke sites are created from scratch, they take more time and cost a lot more compared to templates. Whether this represents a good return on investment all depends on the nature and age of your business, who your customers are and what you want to do on your website. If you look around our own website you’ll see that we mention ROI on a regular basis. That’s because it’s so important that our clients profit from our work. If we failed to do that, we could harm our own reputation.

In some cases, a good quality template can be better value for money. Other times, it just won’t cut it. It’s about the right tool for the right job.

It’s not always easy to figure out what is right for you and your business. Our general rue of thumb at WDM is as follows.

If your budget is under £1500 then you’re probably best to go with a templated website (see our package deals below). There will be web designers around that offer a custom solution for less but you may find that your ROI becomes a roll of the dice.

If your budget is over £1500 (£2000+ is generally better for bespoke websites) then you should get a site that’s built from scratch, and to your specifications.

We’ve listed both options below. Our package deals show all costs upfront with no surprises.

For bespoke builds, we ask you to complete a project enquiry so we can quote accordingly.

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