How Much Does a Website Cost in 2020?

How much should your website cost?

Let’s break it all down and take the mystery out of a website pricing.

When a web designer talks to a new client, pricing is one of the first questions they have. Most, genuinely have no idea what a website can cost and that actually makes perfect sense when you consider that there’s such a broad range of price points out there.

There are generally 4 common pricing tiers you’re likely to encounter. Each tier comes with its own level of services that you can expect to be included, and you’ll, of course, pay more for more each service level. The correct one for you will depend on your individual circumstances and the budget you have set aside for your website project.

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume you’re just looking for a great marketing website designed to get you more customers, bookings, or leads. We’ll start right at the top and work down starting with the “Agency” tier.

Web Design Agency

At this level, you’re dealing with a full-blown web design company that have offices, lots of employees and a high level of service that goes along with it. You can expect not only a website but one that’s built on a solid customised strategy and a digital marketing plan as well. But, at £15000 all the way up into the six figures, this tier is pretty much out of reach to most small businesses. You’re paying for that higher level of service, their experience and of course their overheads. It’s also worth factoring in that, at this level there’ll be a certain ‘pay-to-play’ price. This just means that they simply won’t touch anything under that threshold.

Virtual Agency

O.K. The next level down is the “Virtual Agency” tier.

Here you can expect a price tag from between £5000 to £15000. You’re likely to get more or less the same quality of service as you would with a bigger agency. The real difference here is that virtual agencies are generally more home-based or they at least have a much smaller footprint, a scaled-down team, and far fewer overheads than the bigger guys. They may outsource specialised tasks to trusted partners if it’s not within their specific skill-set. Because of the way a virtual agency is set up you’ll pay less. If you have the budget, this is probably a great option for you. At this level, you’ll get a great website that’s built on a framework designed to support your goals.


Next, we’ll look at “Freelancers“.

You can, of course, find extremely cheap freelancers but I’m talking about good quality, reputable and reliable people that you can be confident in. You’ll find the price here will generally be between £1000 and £5000 depending on the type of website, features, and custom functionality required. You will see a drop-off in service at this level as a web designer is not going to provide an in-depth discovery process or develop a strategy based website for you at this price. This isn’t through lack of ability, it’s simply that a smaller budget won’t provide the scope required for high-level deep discoveries due to the time and effort involved. At this level, most web designers will design a website based on the pages and functionalities that you specifically asked for. There are a lot of really talented freelancers out there who can give you a beautiful site. If you know what you want and your budget is limited, then this can be a great option.

Templated and Brochure Style sites

Lastly, we’ll look at “Template/Brochure” style websites.

If your budget is really limited (under £1000) then this may be a good option for you. This type of website is built on a pre-existing template but the colours, images, text and general content are changed to reflect your needs. These websites give you an online presence and help represent your business. Some web designers will also give you access so you can make changes yourself. A few of them will even be able to provide simple E-commerce functionality.

At WDM we try to cater for all needs as much as possible. The majority of our projects range from £2000 – £10000. We have built complete custom sites for £1000 – £2000 but it really depends on individual requirements. We even have a set of 3 website packages which start at just £199 + £35 p/m (which cover hosting, support, updates and more).

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