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Your Local Web Design Company for Bury St Edmunds & Surrounding areas.

Do you operate a business in or near Bury St Edmunds? Would you like to see better results from a new or existing website? If so, we’d love to talk with you.

We are a web design and marketing company located just a few miles outside of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. 

We help service-based businesses get better results from a new or existing website. We help you use your website to get (and retain) more clients/customers.

A website should be built for the visitor, not the business owner. Website visitors are great, but we’ll help you attract potential clients you’d most like to work with while filtering out those you’d rather not.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a website that’s built specifically as a tool that works for you, serves your ideal clients and expands your reach then we could be a great fit for each other.

What’s different about us?


1 – How Important is a great looking website?

Well, whilst it’s great to build beautiful responsive websites, that’s actually not the most important thing!  We do always use responsive website design but what really matters is that your visitors are engaged, stay on the page long enough to become interested, are given a clear path to action and are never left wondering what to do next.


2 – Websites Built For Your Ideal Clients and Customers

Larger businesses will often create customer personas (or client avatars). This is a way of personifying your target market. By creating a character that is the epitome of your perfect customer you’re able to speak directly to them in all of your website copy, email follow-ups, social media, paid advertising and even YouTube videos. Your website will be specifically built to appeal to your ideal customers.


3 – Our Website Design Process

You can find the full rundown on our web design page but in short, our process has 5 very clear steps. These steps ensure that you always know the stage your website build is at, and that we stay on track without getting bogged down or delayed if the project scope changes (this happen more often than you’d think).

Step 1 – The Discovery Session

Our carefully structured process all starts with a Discovery Session. This is usually a virtual meeting that can be carried out over a video call (or telephone if preferred).  Workplace visits can also be arranged.

The Discovery Session is designed to go through your plan (or help you refine it) and learn more about your website requirements so we can create a system that’s designed to attract your ideal clients. We ask a lot of questions, which is important because it helps us to understand you clearly and for us both to think about your goals in more detail.

Step 2 – The Sitemap

An overview of your website structure. This visually shows how your pages all link and work together, including any navigation.

Step 3 – The Interactive Prototype

This lets you see how your website will work without us having to bore you with jargon and without the distraction of design elements. It isn’t pretty at this stage. 

Step 4 – The Design

This is where your website is bought to life and we get to play with colours and designs that synchronise with your brand and bring your interactive prototype to life!

Step 5 – The Delivery

Once the design is agreed we’ll need to go away for a short time and just make sure everything is plugged in and tested. We’ll look for potential issues and iron out any kinks we find. Once that’s completed your shiny new website will go live and you’ll be ready to improve your visitor journey.


4 – Helping You Succeed Long-term

We work with our clients long-term. We don’t build your website then leave you to fend for yourself. We provide you with a ‘Website Care Plan’ that ensures you have the right Website hosting, the right level of technical support, and whatever else your business needs to ensure continual improvement and long-term success online.

Business needs vary but you may require regular content for your blog or perhaps an automated email ‘Lead Generation System‘ to capture visitors who aren’t ready to convert. Perhaps you’re looking for a complete 12-month roadmap to ensure everything is taken care of and constantly monitored. Whatever your needs, we want you to succeed and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen!

In addition to all the above, we can provide you with training videos right inside your website dashboard so you’ll always know how to perform the tasks you need to. These are also a fantastic set of tools for training staff.

What About Search Engine Optimisation?

Every website we build is search engine friendly. But, most of the time, it takes more than that to get results in Google and other search engines. We can help you achieve better rankings using proven marketing strategies and targeted campaigns.

Did you know that if your business serves Bury St Edmunds specifically, or you have local premises that people can visit, this has the potential to provide you with a major boost in search engine rankings in the form of Local SEO and Google Maps SEO? We don’t want to bore you with too much jargon but in short, this allows you to achieve top rankings without having to compete with your national (or international) competitors.

Start Improving Your Online Presence Today

External & Professional Business Support

We may be great for local businesses that are looking for a web designer or ways to improve their website, but Bury also have some amazing services that could help your business in a multitude of other ways.

Here are a few valuable resources that are either in or local to Bury.


@inc is West Suffolk’s premier coworking space for people who want to work in a vibrant workspace that’s something different to home or the typical business office.

A welcoming workspace for freelancers and business teams, Suffolk’s leading collaborative workspace @ inc in the heart of Bury St Edmunds is the area’s most flexible and creative working space.


An award-winning company providing business advice, networking events, training, and workspaces (you may find us at some of the events).


Located in Bury St Edmunds, your local Chamber Of Commerce is the largest independent private forum in the county. Suffolk Chamber is in a perfect position to support and represent local business interests. As the voice of the business community, Suffolk Chamber is equipped to respond on behalf of local businesses regarding local, national and European issues.


The Bury Breakfast Club (BBC) is a completely independent, self-governed networking group, made up of individual business people based in and around Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

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