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It’s true, we do provide services for clients all over the United Kingdom. But, like you, we’re in the heart of rural Suffolk. WDM are a web design and marketing company located just outside of Bury St. Edmunds and we love to give special attention to local businesses.

Every one of our clients is extremely important to us but those in Bury are able to benefit from personal visits and one-to-one time with me (John Reimann) for all bespoke projects. If you live or work in (or near) Bury St. Edmunds I’ll be happy to arrange a meeting at your place of work or your home if preferred.

I promise to listen and advise without any kind of hard-sell. In fact, after meeting me you’ll soon discover that despite being able to deliver websites with CRO in mind, I’m actually no salesman in person. 

Having said that, I may ask some awkward questions in order to discover not just what you want, but what your business (or project) actually needs. It’s this key factor that differentiates WDM from its competitors.

I see it as my job to ask the right questions and get the right information in order to build a website that does exactly what it should. A site that is future-proof, grows with your business, and has the design and functionality you need to achieve set goals.

It’s our mission to support Bury St Edmunds and our local community as much as possible. If you have a business, charity or school in Suffolk then we want to hear from you.

New Website Design

Our unique design process focuses not just on what your website looks like, but how it guides your visitors into taking the desired action. Before we even start building your website, we perform in-depth analysis for your industry (and your local market if appropriate) and develop a website structure designed to maximise organic traffic and, in turn, keep visitors on your site as long as possible (or until they take the desired action).

A combination of cutting edge techniques and clear call to actions help ensure that even those viewers who don’t take action may still come again.

Our Website Design Process

The way we do things at WDM is a little different.

Before we embark on any web design project we’ll ask you to complete a project enquiry form. This is a set of questions that give us an overview of where you are right now not just with your website ideas, but also in your business. We’ll find out about your website and your business goals. We’ll ask about your target audience and get to the core of the type of visitor we’re designing your site for.

Once we have some basic information we’ll have chat with you. If you’re located in or around Bury St Edmunds, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your bespoke web design at your business or even your home if that’s your preference. Alternatively, we can set up a meeting room close to you. If you’d rather keep things online or by phone, that’s fine too.

After this comes the project blueprint. Our discovery session will have given us all the information we need to get started on our research and build a plan of action. This ensures that there are no grey areas and your project goals are covered in every aspect, from design to deadlines. The next step is where the visual work begins…

We’ll create a ‘Staging site’ which is a temporary website that allows us to play with design ideas and concepts without affecting any live website you may already have. It’s publicly viewable (but not visible on Google or other search engines) so you’ll be able to see your website take shape. We will of course also be in touch regularly to keep you informed of progress. Once you’re happy with your staging site we’ll go live (on the data agreed) and you can share your new website with your customers.

Continued Website and Local Marketing Support

Most website companies would end the journey here but not WDM. Just like your phone or computer, your website needs to be maintained correctly to keep it functioning as it should. We provide comprehensive website care plans that include high quality website hosting,  regular back-ups of your entire site, real-time security monitoring, regular software updates and a number of other features. We can even offer unlimited changes to your website content, leaving us to deal with your website while you focus on your business.

In addition to this, we can also provide marketing services and get highly targeted visitors to your website. If your business serves people in Suffolk then it’s those people you’ll want to attract. We’ll help you with a local marketing campaign and structure an SEO solution geared towards local results.

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