What is a CDN – Do you need it in 2019?

What is CDN? It Stands for Content Delivery Network. Still none-the-wiser? No worries. Read on and you’ll be a pro’ in minutes.

CDN’s have 1 purpose. They are there to make surfing the web faster. You no doubt use them every day without even realising, whether you’re watching Youtube, shopping on Amazon, reading online news or browsing social media.

There are plenty of articles online giving huge amounts of information regarding CDNs but I wanted to make this one as simple as possible as most of us don’t need to know the technical specifics to know if we need it or not.

I’m sure you know that whatever you see online (including your own website) has to be stored somewhere.

Your web hosting provider manages this for you and stores your website, images, text etc on a server. But there are 2 fundamental problems with this which are explained in this video.

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